Waiting for Godot

Performance | Aufführung 2016

Àkzeptanz Team

Waiting for Godot


Waiting for Godot is an absurdist play by Samuel Beckett, in which two characters, Vladimir and Estragon, wait endlessly and in vain for the arrival of someone name Godot, whom they only know by reputation. To occupy their time, they philosophize, sleep, argue, sing, exercise, and even consider suicide. The result is a comical wordplay of poetry, dreamscapes, and nonsense, which has been interpreted as a somber summation of mankind’s inexhaustible search for meaning. The play’s original premiere was in January 1953. Waiting for Godot remains Samuel Beckett’s most magical and beautiful allegory.


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Waiting for Godot

von Samuel Beckett

vorauss. Mitte Okt. 2016




Warten auf Godot


POZZO: I don't seem to be able ... (long hesitation) ... to depart.

ESTRAGON: Such is Life.




“ VLADIMIR: Did I ever leave you?

ESTRAGON: You let me go.”





Aufführung :

Mitte-Okt 2016 | Mid-Oct 2016

Aufführungsdauer | Play Duration:

ca. 1 Stunde, 55 Minuten | 1 h, 55 Min


Eins Stück von:

Samuel Beckett

Regisseur (Inszenierung) | Directing :

Adel Sayadkooh

Regieassistent | Assistant Director:

Ali Hadizadeh-Isfahani

Kostüme & Szene Design | Costume-Set:

Mehrnoush Sarmadi


Peyman Toreini